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[Ansible] custom qdrouterd topology

Matthieu Simonin
Hi all,

I'd like to share some ideas of mine about deploying custom topologies of
qdrouterd accross a set of nodes.  This is probably a general discussion to
have regarding the various orchestrators (Puppet, Ansible, ...).

I don't know if there's a real demand of deploying custom topologies but from
my side I need it for eval purpose.  More generally there's a chance that we
eventually upstream this in Kolla-ansible/Openstack[1] deployment tool.

So I made this *toy* project :


The idea is to take a graph (networkx[2]), a set of machines and a dispatch
function and output a JSON that will be passed to Ansible to deploy and
configure the qdrouterd.  The json output contains the bare minimum to avoid
port collision[3], the remaining part of the configuration is delegated to the
Ansible template.

Note that rh-messaging-qe has forked the project[3], new contributions are
about cleaning and packaging.  I'm using the API in another project[4] to
automate the repetition and deployment of custom topologies on our testbed.



[1]: https://github.com/openstack/kolla-ansible
[2]: https://networkx.github.io/
[3]: https://github.com/rh-messaging-qe/iqa-topology-generator
[4]: https://github.com/msimonin/qpid-dispatch-xp/blob/0d3e2ff620875379974b2fc7e25df7f2e57b0a0d/synthetic/tasks.py#L84-L91

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